William Herzog

Portrait of William Herzog.

William Herzog was born in Frankfort, Germany, on August 31, 1847. He was well educated in Germany and served in the army, participating in the Franco-Prussian War. Mr. Herzog immigrated to America in 1871, where he went directly to Hermann, Missouri.

Mr. Herzog and George Stark become sole owners of Stone Hill Winery.

He started as a traveling salesman for M. Poeschel, Sherer & Co. In 1874, he became a partner of the firm and took charge of the branch house at St. Louis, remaining there until 1878, at which time Poeschel and John Scherer sold the greater part of their interests to Mr. Herzog and George Stark.

In 1883 Mr. Herzog and George Stark became the sole owners and continued under the new name of Stone Hill Wine Co. The knowledge of winemaking and business ability of these two men combined make Stone Hill Wine Co. the biggest winery of the State and comparable to the biggest in the land.

Illustration of the main offices at Stone Hill Winery.

In 1874 Mr. Herzog was united in marriage with Miss Aurelia, the eldest daughter of Dr. Edw. Camer of Hermann and to them were born five children.

During his long years of residence, he did much toward upbuilding Hermann. He was a social leader, a patron of art, music, and culture in general. He served on the Board of Education from 1882 through 1887. William Herzog was the President of The Gasconade County Agricultural Association.

A photo of Herzog Mansion in 1934.

Mr. Herzog began constructing his mansion in 1885. He hired Architect Otto Wilhelmi of St. Louis to design a home in the now recognized style of German Renaissance revival. The brick for the house came from Fred. Valet’s brickyard on the east side of town. The carpentry was done by the local firm of Klenk & Bensing.

Having disposed of his interest in the Stone Hill Wine Co. to his partner George Stark, Mr. Herzog in 1894 went to St. Louis, where for several years was the vice-president of the International Bank of that city. Several years later, he retired from active business.

William Herzog next to his wife, Aurelia, at the Hermann Cemetery.

William Herzog was 70 years of age when he passed on September 13, 1917, in St. Louis. In accordance with his wishes, his body was cremated and laid to rest beside his wife’s grave in the Hermann City Cemetery. He was survived by his three daughters, Mrs. Julia Fuchs of Indianapolis, Indiana, and Mrs. Otillia Teppen and Mrs. Irma Niemeyer of St. Louis.

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